Our uniqueness

Easy tools for building
the next killer voice application

Our technology enables building unique real-time multi-modal interfaces

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Responsive UI gives feedback to the user the second they start talking.

Mobile phone mockup showing a voice-enabled mobile phone app


Leverage the full range of modalities (voice, vision, touch) available in the user interaction context.

See it in action

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Value proposition

Leverage our APIs to create more engaging experiences for your services and applications

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For businesses

Improve customer experience and retention by adding intuitive voice UIs to your own channels and services

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For developers

Easily and cost effectively add next generation voice UI elements into your applications and services across platforms.

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Spotlight use cases

Our solutions make technology your
competitive advantage

Available on various platforms:
Speechgrinder voice technolohy supports iOS Speechgrinder voice technology supports Android Speechgrinder voice technology supports Safari Speechgrinder voice technology supports Chrome Speechgrinder voice technology supports Firefox Speechgrinder voice technology supports Internet Explorer Speechgrinder voice technology supports Unity Speechgrinder voice technology supports Unreal Engine
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Voice based shopping:

Use your voice to create your shopping basket instantly
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“The best innovation since paper and pen. An absolutely stunning application !! A shopping list written on a piece of paper is history."

A mockup of an mobile phone app that user can control with voice


App voice control:

Use your voice to control your music listening experience

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Voice reporting for professional use:

Use your voice to easily capture information in a structured format

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Client quotes


A photo of Jari Lahti

Jari Lahti Chief Digital & Customer Experience Office, Finnish public service broadcasting company Yle

“We have the world's best radio voice interface. Works better than Alexa!”

A photo of Harri Laaksonen

Harri Laaksonen eCommerce development manager, S-Group

“We chose Speechgrinder because they had the best speech recognition service and we can utilize it with our own data, which is not possible with Apple or Google or similar capabilities”