Building voice user interfaces for professional tools and services

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How it all works

Speechgrinder’s voice technology translates spoken words into actionable tasks in fractions of a second. Simply utter an order and your request will be turned into a structured and well-defined action – anything from a command to tuning into your favourite radio station or issuing an aircraft cabin maintenance ticket.

The Speechgrinder Tech Stack for buildning voice user interfaces

Audio Processing

Hot word detection

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Voice activity detection

Speech recognition

Natural language processing

Intent discovery

Speech synthesis




Internet of Things

Building high quality voice UIs requires more than just speech recognition. The speechgrinder voice UI technology stack will help you create the best voice enabled user experience to your customers.

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Hannes Heikinheimo
Co-founder (PhD)
AI, Data Engineering and NLP
Apple Siri, Google, Reaktor, Rovio, Nokia
Janne Pylkkönen
Chief Scientist (PhD), Co-founder
Speech technology
Amazon, Aalto University
Otto Söderlund

CEO Co-founder
Biz Dev & Sales
BearingPoint, Magenta Advisory, Capgemini
Janne Käki
Janne Käki

Lead Mobile Developer
Mobile User Experience
Awesomeness Factory, ResQ Club, Futurice
Thomas Janhonen
Senior Software Developer
System Architecture, DevOps, Scalability
SC5, Frantic, Whitespace